james ellsworth

Today is a sad day for James Ellsworth fans, because he was released from his WWE contract. After making his debut as an enhancement talent on WWE programming in 2016, Ellsworth became so popular that the company just had to bring him back.

Before getting demolished by Braun Strowman in his first appearance, Ellsworth told fans that “any man with two hands has a fighting chance” and the quote caught on. We asked Ellsworth the day after his second appearance on WWE programming last year why fans connect with him, and he provided the following answer:

“I think people just took to me because I’m a unique looking guy. I look different from everybody on planet Earth I think, and I look like I have no chance. But I say that I have a chance, and I’m gonna fight, and even though I’m the smallest guy, and I’m not the best looking guy, I think people just took to that.”

Ellsworth went on to encourage people to follow their dreams during the interview.

“Anybody out there, don’t ever think your dreams can’t come true. I am the definition of ‘it can happen’ because any man with two hands has a fighting chance.”

James Ellsworth has been an inspirational character from the beginning, and shortly after his WWE release he commented on his future by posting some inspirational words.

From all of us here at Still Real To Us, thank you to James Ellsworth for always keeping us entertained, and we can’t wait to see what you do next.