braun strowman

Braun Strowman is usually pretty active on social media, but a photo that he posted to his Instagram account back in November has been removed. The photo showed Strowman kicking Keith Lee, and the Monster Among Men reacted to the photo being removed when he posted the following:

“@instagram is a joke with the sensor of stuff. I can’t even have a pic of my former job that I posted in November!!!! #GetAGrip”

Braun Strowman was released from his WWE contract on June 2nd, and he’s currently waiting out his 90 day non-compete clause. It’s believed that Strowman will be free to sign with another promotion on August 31st.

At this point it’s not clear where the former Universal Champion will end up next, but it’s been rumored that AEW is interested in him, and that WWE is interested in bringing him back. Stay tuned for updates.