You never know where your favorite WWE Superstar is going to show up next, especially if he’s a former WCW Champion and his name is Goldberg. After his short return to WWE last year which he did so his son could see him wrestle it sounds like he’s still leaving the door open for an in-ring comeback (even though it was a pain to get in that shape again)… but for now it looks like Goldberg is keeping himself busy in other ways.

Goldberg had a nice return run with WWE that stretched into WrestleMania 33 where he dropped the Universal Championship to Brock Lesnar. But he’s always looking to stay busy, he just doesn’t want to have to keep in the same insane shape he needs to in order to perform in the ring. After all, at his age, it takes a lot more training, dieting, and effort to maintain his superhero look and even though he did it last year he probably doesn’t feel like getting into that shape again anytime soon.

But there’s always acting and Goldberg is the kind of name which will certainly turn eyes toward a program. This is why the producers of The Flash probably thought it was a good idea to cast the former WWE Universal Champion for their show.

Goldberg recently confirmed via his Twitter that he will guest star in two episodes in the upcoming season of The Flash. It’s still unclear what character he will be playing on the popular CW show (which is ironically one “W” away from being “WCW”). But it’s still interesting that he’ll be important enough to be featured in two episodes.

But much like his last run with WWE, Goldberg also confirmed he was doing this for his boy. Let’s just hope Goldberg’s son can keep his shirt on in case he gets to make a cameo as well.