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Dolph Ziggler has certainly had a successful career with WWE, but there are some people who feel that the name Dolph Ziggler might have held the WWE Superstar back.

Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. happens to be one of those people, and he explained on a recently episode of Wrestling with Freddie that he wasn’t a fan of the name Dolph Ziggler. Freddie went on to say that his request was shut down when he pushed for WWE to choose a different name for Dolph Ziggler.

“So, it was not a long argument. I lost quickly. I suppose my punishment for fighting the good fight was I was assigned the segment to produce the first time we’re ever going to meet this wonderfully named wrestler, superstar, Dolph Ziggler.”

“So I get the segment, and Vince tells me what it’s going to be,” Freddie said. “He says, ‘he’s just going to introduce himself.’ I said, I’m laughing, ‘what do you mean he’s just going to introduce himself?’ ‘Every week, he’s just going to come up and say ‘hey, Dolph Ziggler,’ and shake his hand.’ I go, ‘we’re not going to just to do that, that’s a really short segment. That’s not worthy to get on television.'”

H/T Sportskeeda