At this point, WWE is in a strange place when it comes to Chad Gable on Raw. Whenever he has a match, Gable often outshines his opponent even though he loses a majority of the time.

Gable getting double teamed by Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre on television leading some to believe help should be on the way for this babyface. The idea was recently brought up on Wrestling Observer Radio that the only logical thing to do with Gable at this point is to reunite him with Jason Jordan and reform American Alpha.

“I presume, I have no idea but does this not lead to Jason Jordan coming back and they reform American Alpha and they feud with them?” Bryan Alvarez speculated. “I mean what the hell else are they going to have him be Kurt Angle’s kid again?”

Dave Meltzer had an informed speculation on the matter where he said since Jason Jordan is cleared to return, they could certainly bring him in for an angle with Chad Gable.

Then Meltzer continued to discuss some possible difficulty they could have in this storyline. After all, they left things rather complicated with Jason Jordan when he was taken out of action. At one point he was Raw Tag Team Champion with Seth Rollins and turning heel because he was getting massive heat for an angle where he was Kurt Angle’s son the entire time.

“So how do they get Jordan away from being Kurt Angle’s son?” Meltzer asked. “Because as a babyface that’s death. Can they bring like Hornswoggle in and say the birth records were switched or something and Hornswoggle is actually Kurt’s son?”

Things could get very interesting soon enough as we continue to try and make some sense out of the storyline WWE is developing. It might be tricky turning Jason Jordan babyface to go against a heel team of Ziggler and McIntyre, but if WWE really wants to pull it off they’ll figure out some way.

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