Over the last few years WWE has parted ways with a number of Superstars, one of which happened to be former NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream. Recently Velveteen Dream has been making headlines due to his legal troubles and EC3 shared an interesting story about Dream during an appearance on The Wrestling Outlaws when he claimed that he had a party at his place and Velveteen Dream set up a camera in the bathroom.

“We had a party and it was at my place, and he came over because I’m being friendly and I’m top guy and I tried to welcome everybody into the thing. He left his phone in my bathroom with the camera on trying to capture people taking pi**es, so there.”

“How did I know? Because it’s my bathroom. When I walk in there and I see a phone selfie-style, propped up, on, filming, where if somebody is going to take a pee, they would have their phallus out urinating into the water…”

“I’m not gonna lie to you, too, this was a late evening of partying, so maybe there were a few cocktails shared, who knows what everyone else was on. As we know, if he’ll do it in front of a cop, lord only knows what he’ll do behind a cop’s back.”

“I’m like, ‘What is going on? Am I tripping?’ I shouldn’t be because I don’t do drugs that would trip me out, so I’m like, ‘This is actually happening.’ What I did was I took the phone, I stopped the recording, I made sure the pee pee video of my wee wee was deleted because that was happening in my home, by the way.”

“So delete, put it back, turn it back on so it looked like it was still happening… ha ha, the big elaborate ruse… I walk out of my own bathroom because this is where I live, I sit on the couch, I go and I wait, and he goes right back in the bathroom. I go back in right after that… phone’s gone. I’m like, ‘I can’t believe this.’”

“Here’s the problem. Unnamed talents, that I will not name, in this moment in time were probably doing other things in that bathroom, so instead of a blatant confrontation, I just said, ‘Everybody get out, I’m going to bed, go, get out.’”

“Select people that were there, I informed of what happened. As I was informing them, that was where I would therefore be confronting on my next step, because I wanted them to know first before. What do you do with something like this? I’m an adult male who’s been violated in his own home, in a sense, and who knows what else is going on.”

“These guys need to know. Well, one of them is still his buddy, tells him this, and now it’s like a dramatic thing where someone’s like blaming me for recording myself, and I’m like, ‘You know what, whatever, this is ridiculous,’ but guess what? I’m a professional, so I go to be a professional and we have a mini-feud and it goes into Brooklyn TakeOver where, as a professional, you give your body to your opponent.”

Recently Velveteen Dream, real name Patrick Clark, had been using the #BringBackVelveteenDream hashtag on social media, but it’s been reported that he’s one name the company will never bring back.

H/T Sportskeeda