The landscape is certainly changing in WWE as Triple H has taken over creative now that Vince McMahon has retired, and it seems that the general consensus among former talent is that the change is a positive one.

Fightful Select reports that they spoke to dozens of former WWE talent who parted ways with the company for various reasons dating back to 2016 about Triple H taking over creative.

There are numerous former NXT stars who had been released that commented and the majority of them believe that they wouldn’t have been released if Triple H had been in the roles he’s in now. There were said to be a few that were realistic who either weren’t being used or progressing fast enough.

One former NXT star who reportedly had options to sign a new deal with WWE before going to AEW said they felt an incredible sense of loyalty to Triple H and that “things could have been much different.” That talent and another talent said that they didn’t have confidence in creative on the main roster. One said that they’re glad they went to AEW, but they probably would have re-signed with WWE if they were getting called up to Raw or SmackDown with Triple H running the show.

Another top free agent who reportedly has options said that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon taking over greatly increases their chances of possibly going back to the company at some point. Other free agents are hopeful that they’ll be able to at least have conversations with Triple H due to their past relationships.

It’s being said that the nearly unanimous belief among talent was that Triple H was better suited for the job than Vince McMahon