hall of fame

Fans have seen a number of stars make it to the top of the professional wrestling industry, but one person people haven’t been seeing much of recently is Alberto Del Rio.

The former WWE Champion has seemingly been blacklisted from the wrestling business due to allegations that were made against him by an ex-girlfriend which led to him being arrested for aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault. The charges were dropped last year and Alberto told Sportskeeda that he believes people need to stop being stubborn.

“People need to stop being stubborn or ignorant. And if you want to see the truth, it’s out there. Not just said by me but by the most important departments of investigation in the United States that are telling you, this man never did absolutely anything. It was just one person, horrible person affecting his life. That’s it. Leave him alone. So, one day I’m gonna be there.”

Alberto Del Rio accomplished a lot during his time with WWE, and he seems optimistic about the possibility of him being inducted into the Hall of Fame someday.

“I would love to be there and walk into the scenario and just grab the microphone and from the top, look at my dad, my mom, my beautiful children, my girlfriend, my family, and to finally put an end to this amazing career with my name out there in the stars with the legends of our sport. I know one day it will happen. Of course, the decision is not mine. But I know someday, I will get my justice.”

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