Over the last few years there has been a lot of restructuring in WWE, and the company has released a massive number of in-ring talents. All of the releases and restructuring have led to speculation that WWE officials could be trying to sell the company, but so far nothing has come of it.

Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. recently discussed a potential sale on his Wrestling With Freddie podcast, and he noted that an executive at FOX told him that WWE wanted to sell to FOX, but they were off on the numbers.

“I haven’t said this before, but I’ll say it now because it has been long enough. I was talking to a dude who was interviewing to be their COO, or they wanted to interview. They ended up going with Nick Khan, he had passed but he wanted to talk to me about the company.

So we were just talking about the brand and all this, and he goes ‘yeah, they wanted us to buy the whole product.’ He’s an exec at FOX. He goes ‘they wanted us to buy the whole brand but the number they wanted wasn’t a number we were going to pay, so we licensed SmackDown instead.’”

With all of the changes WWE has been making it will be interesting to see if the company is sold in the future. One way or another it seems like there is at least some interest in a potential sale if the price is right.

H/T Wrestling Inc.