WWE went on a bit of a signing spree last year after Triple H took over creative for the company and in recent months there have been a lot of rumors regarding various names that WWE was interested in signing.

Nick Aldis is a name that kept making the rounds as it was reported that WWE had interest in the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, but ultimately he ended up returning to Impact Wrestling. During a recent interview with Metro, Nick Aldis addressed rumors regarding WWE’s interest in him, and he noted that timing played a big factor when it came to the two sides not moving forward on an agreement.

“As far as WWE, timing is everything. I don’t wanna speak to it too much, but timing was a big factor. I think everyone knows that there’s a lot going on there. Who knows? I don’t wanna speak too much about my conversations with [WWE]. And I certainly don’t want to imply or suggest that I had a choice of anywhere to go. That would be disingenuous or dishonest. It’s more about, what’s the best option right now? I did need a little bit of a mental break because I did put a lot of pressure on myself.”

Obviously it’s been a big year for WWE as Vince McMahon returned to the company back in January, and it was announced the day after WrestleMania 39 that WWE is set to be acquired by Endeavor. Only time will tell if Nick Aldis eventually joins the WWE roster, but for now he seems happy with Impact Wrestling.