In the world of professional wrestling everyone is trying to make a name for themselves and there’s no denying that there’s strength in numbers. Back in 2020 Joey Janela formed an alliance with Sonny Kiss and they put together some vignettes filmed in a cinematic style to show fans a different side of their team.

Some fans embraced the vignettes, but it seems that Tony Khan was not fond of them. A fan on Twitter recently reflected on their excitement over the vignettes and their disappointment over the fact that they were dropped. Joey Janela claimed that Tony Khan hated them when he replied with, “Tony hates them and didn’t even want them on tv.”

Joey Janela was one of the first people to sign with AEW in 2019 and he signed a 3 year deal. Janela’s contract with AEW expired earlier this year in May which led to him parting ways with the company. Sonny Kiss is still currently part of the AEW roster.