It’s never a good thing when a wrestler gets released from their contract and unfortunately earlier this week AEW cut several names from the roster. Anthony Henry first debuted with All Elite Wrestling in 2021, but his run with the company came to an end on Monday as he was one of the names who happened to get released.

Following his release from AEW, Anthony Henry took to social media to thank everyone for the amount of support he’s received. However, Henry also openly stated that he’s not sure if wrestling is still something he wants to pursue when he posted the following:

“The amount of support I am receiving during this very difficult time is amazing, and I appreciate all of it.

I don’t know what is next for me. I don’t know if wrestling is something I still want to pursue. I am devastated.

Regarsless, I am always a #workhorsemen”

In addition to Anthony Henry it was reported that the following names have been from All Elite Wrestling:

-The Tate Twins aka Dalton Castle’s Boys

-Stu Grayson


-Dasha Fuentes

-Slim J

-Parker Bordeaux

-Jose The Assistant

-Jora Johl