The WWE Universe has a lot of passionate fans who are always coming up with things they would like to see. While the idea isn’t anything new, a lot of people have suggested WWE should introduce Tag Team Titles for the women on the roster. After all, a majority of women’s matches on television seem to be tag team encounters.

As the WWE Women’s Revolution flourished into what we know today they took small steps. But the WWE Women’s Roster soon found themselves competing in Hell In A Cell, Money In The Bank, Royal Rumble, and Elimination Chamber matches just like the men. Now it looks like there could be one more thing added to the WWE Women’s Division to equal things out a little bit.

Belt Fan Dan recently posted on Reddit where he talked about the plans for a possible WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship which could very well debut around SummerSlam. Dan usually knows what he’s talking about and has broken a few stories before so it probably gives us something exciting to look forward to.

If WWE is only going to introduce one set of titles for the entire Women’s Division it makes me wonder which brand they might end up on. But since WWE pay-per-views are going to include both brands after WrestleMania, it could open up an opportunity for possible cross-brand rivalries.

Dan leaked this information while he was discussing the designs for the upcoming NXT North American Title. The same source who gave him the possible design for the 205 Live Tag Team Titles provided Dan with this info as well. He also gave a more detailed look at the upcoming 205 Live Tag Team Titles which you can check out below.

Apparently, the NXT North American Championship is completed and WWE has it already. It will have a classic look which is pretty exciting. Whatever WWE does it is sure to be well thought out but they are starting to have an awful lot of titles which could go to clutter things if they’re not careful.

H/T to RingsideNews