broken matt hardy

Broken Matt Hardy’s Broken Brilliance has transcended the world of professional wrestling, and it looks like even the folks over at Wendy’s are familiar with the Broken Universe. A fan on Twitter asked the fast food chain if they’ve introduced a Broken Brilliance Burger in honor of Matt Hardy, and they had a wonderful response. The person in charge of the Wendy’s Twitter account told the fan that before the burger is introduced, they must first “delete” frozen beef patties from other “obsolete” restaurants.

That response is pretty much best case scenario right there in this situation.

The official TNA Impact Wrestling Twitter account also decided to get in on the fun and suggest that Wendy’s perhaps becomes the official restaurant of Impact.

If the idea of Wendy’s becoming the official restaurant of Impact doesn’t sound all that appealing to you, then you must first consider the possibilities.

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For instance, as one fan pointed out on Twitter, a potential TNA/Wendy’s partnership could open the door for a fresh new Wendy’s logo.

Just think of all the marketing slogans that could be put together if Matt Hardy’s Broken Brilliance was injected into the Wendy’s brand.

Broken Matt Hardy himself has confirmed that he thinks it’s “delightful” that Wendy’s wants to delete their competition.

It remains to be seen if a deal will be made, but the fact that Wendy’s has acknowledged Broken Matt Hardy’s Broken Brilliance seems to have inspired a few people to head to their local Wendy’s for some junior bacon cheeseburgers and frostys.


  1. Must be a slow news day when a tweet with 15 loves – or whatever the heart shaped thing is, makes headlines. Maybe it’s because I’m not on Twitter and I don’t watch professional wrestling, but I don’t get it.

    • Just realized this is a wrestling website so dur this article makes sense here. Carry on and pardon my instrusion.