WWE and Mattel have a great thing going. Ever since Mattel picked up the WWE contract they have been putting one amazing figure out after another with incredible quality and detail. One of the best parts of their partnership is the fact that they have so many exclusive agreements with chain department stores and online distributors to provide figures that nobody can get anywhere else.

WWE and Mattel recently unveiled an upcoming series of figures that will excite any fan of WWE’s developmental territory, but you have to find a Target to buy them.

Target will have an exclusive NXT series of Mattel action figures available in the fall. The series will include some of the biggest names in NXT (and Eva Marie). But one of the most exciting parts of the series is the fact that fans will finally be able to get their paws on their very own wacky arm waving inflatable tubeman!

There is no exact release date for these figures yet, but now this writer has even more of a reason to stop by Target other than just to get those cheddar Rold Gold pretzels that the girlfriend loves so much because they’re the only place around that sells them.

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