kevin owens

Amin Elhassan made himself infamous to the professional wrestling world earlier this week. Kevin Owens won the WWE Universal Championship on Monday night and shortly after Raw ended, a video of his son’s reaction started making the rounds online.

ESPN’s Amin Elhassan felt the need to comment on Kevin’s son’s positive reaction, and his comment did not go over well with fans, or people in the wrestling community.

Amin has been under fire on social media all week long as wrestlers, wrestling fans, and people with common sense have been calling him out. Elhassan took to Twitter to apologize to Kevin Owens and his family, and you can see what he had to say below.

Amin Elhassan posted the following:

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with his latest blog where he talks about Alberto Del Rio’s WWE status and more. You can check out the full entry here along with some highlights below.

CM Punk’s UFC debut: Doing ample media for the CM Punk UFC debut at UFC 203 vs Mickey Gall. Even though many feel that Punk has zero chance of winning his first ever pro fight in the Octagon, I maintain that Punk will be prepared, focused and ready to fight and the fact that four ounce gloves are great equalizers so that any thing can happen. One can assume that most die hard UFC fans are motivated to see Punk go down…early and decisively…but knowing Punk’s dogged mental attitude I can’t automatically count him out. Punk is being featured prominently in the promotion of the event and his presence will help sell PPV’s, without question.

Alberto Del Rio’s future: Wishing Alberto Del Rio the best of luck upon ADR leaving WWE for the second time by my count. Talented guy without question who has seemingly not found what he’s looking for in a promotion and at some point one has consider reevaluating one’s priorities and game plan. Perhaps I’m wrong but there seems to be an abnormal amount of controversy surrounding this talent who still has plenty to offer a pro wrestling company if the table is set correctly for all involved.