eric bischoff

Last year around this time it was rumored that TNA was up for sale. Of course the company denied such reports, but eventually TNA was sold to Anthem Sports and Entertainment. Now history is once again repeating itself, as it was recently reported that Anthem is looking to sell TNA, now known as GFW, but GFW officials are denying reports of a potential sale.

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If the sale rumors do eventually turn out to be true, then Anthem will be looking for interested parties, but one wrestling star who worked with TNA in the past has ruled himself out as a potential buyer. A fan recently asked Eric Bischoff if he would be purchasing the company and he made it very clear that he has no interest in buying the wrestling promotion.

When asked if he would be purchasing the company and making pro wrestling great again, Bischoff told the fan that he’s not interested in buying a clown car.


Speaking of people who don’t seem to be on good terms with TNA/Impact Wrestling/GFW, Matt Hardy recently shared a new Matt Fact when he informed the world that his daily ritual begins at his home gym.

The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion also shared some photos from his home gym which can be viewed below.