big cass

Big Cass had to take a hiatus from wrestling for a while so he could focus on himself, but in recent months he’s returned looking healthier than ever.

Over the weekend Cass got a lot of people talking when he made a surprise appearance at the Impact Wrestling Rebellion pay-per-view under the name W. Morrissey. The arrival of W. Morrissey was a sight to behold, but some fans couldn’t help but wonder why his former tag team partner Enzo Amore wasn’t with him.

For many years Enzo and Cass were a package deal, but when one fan asked why he’s not with W. Morrissey he offered the following explanation:

“Thor doesn’t need a Robin. 💰🙏🏼”

It was recently reported that W. Morrissey signed a contract with Impact, and he’s expected to work with the company for the foreseeable future.