Next week AEW’s weekly TV show is set to debut on TNT, and the premiere episode is sure to be a big moment for the stars of All Elite Wrestling.

Earlier this year Dustin Rhodes parted ways with WWE and joined AEW, and he recently explained to Bleacher Report that he’s currently working as a promo coach for the company.

“I’ve been hired as a promo coach, and I want to help teach them how to talk. You don’t have to take this gigantic paragraph of text and memorize that s–t word for word, because it’s going to come off bland and not true to your character.”

Rhodes went on to add that he’s trying to help performers find a way to step out of their comfort zones.

“We’ll work out who the character is and figure out which way they think they should go, which way the company wants them to go, and find a happy medium. I can teach them to cut promos where they don’t need to be on a script constantly. We can hit some bullet points and make it their own. The key is stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a chance. Take a chance on making something cool.”

“Some of these wrestlers have never really done promos, and a lot of them have never done TV. They are nervous about it, and those are the ones I’m going to push the most. Let’s see it. Let’s hear it. With some oomph and conviction. Give me what my dad used to give us: charisma. I want to see your character. That’s what I’ll do my best to teach.”

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