Chris Jericho has been feuding with MJF for months now, and ahead of their match at All Out the first ever AEW World Champion declared that he would never wrestle again in AEW if he lost to MJF on Sunday night.

At one point Wardlow made his way down to the ring, but he was cut off by Jake Hager. Wardlow and Jake Hager battled to the backstage area as referee Aubrey Edwards looked on. While the ref wasn’t looking MJF hit Chris Jericho with a baseball bat.

MJF followed up with the Judas Effect then pinned Jericho. Aubrey Edwards counted to three, but Jericho got his foot up on the ropes at the last second. It looked like MJF won the match, but another ref explained the situation to Aubrey and the match was restarted.

Jericho tried to roll MJF up, but he kicked out. MJF went for his submission, but Jericho got out and turned it into the Walls of Jericho. MJF held on as long as he could but he ended up tapping out.

After the match The Inner Circle came down to the ring to celebrate with Chris Jericho.