After weeks of rumors and speculation Adam Copeland made his AEW debut at the WrestleDream pay-per-view when he confronted Christian Cage after the main event. Now the wrestling world is buzzing about the former WWE Champion’s future with All Elite Wrestling.

Fightful Select reports that in addition to being around full-time Adam Copeland will have a significant presence in AEW as he’s expressed his willingness to help out in a variety of capacities. A long time AEW talent noted that Adam Copeland was looking to fill the gap left by CM Punk with the idea being that he could help the company without causing any internal issues. That same person reiterated that CM Punk had helped many people in the company as well.

WWE never held exclusive rights to Adam Copeland’s entrance music, but some people in AEW were surprised that WWE let the trademark on “Rated R Superstar” lapse as they didn’t bother to renew it when it became clear he was leaving. Some people in WWE said that at the start of summer it became obvious Edge would be leaving.

One AEW talent said that Edge’s debut was the worst kept secret, but they weren’t officially clued in. Talent in both companies spoke about Edge jumping ship as far back as mid-August. Though they weren’t told officially sources who worked with Adam Copeland spoke as if him joining AEW was a fact before he even had his last match in WWE.

Adam Copeland was somewhat hidden but he did pop out to hang out with Darby Allin and get some food. He had been in town all weekend. WWE sources noted that Copeland left the company on good terms and he would be welcomed back in the future. The overwhelming consensus within AEW is that Adam Copeland joining the company is a positive, and the reaction in WWE is that people are happy for him.