Sting returned to professional wrestling when he joined AEW in 2020 and he officially wrapped up his career on Sunday night when he competed in the main event at AEW Revolution.

Ahead of the match a video package aired showing Sting in a movie theater watching footage of highlights from his career. The video package notably did not feature any WWE owned footage such as clips from WCW, Jim Crockett Promotions or Mid South.

The Wrestling Observer reports that the reason why no WWE owned footage was used during the video package is because WWE was never asked for that favor. It’s not known whether or not WWE would have allowed AEW to use the footage, but as of midweek no one had asked.

Sting wrapped up his career in a big way on Sunday night as he and Darby Allin managed to retain the AEW Tag Team Championship when they defeated The Young Bucks. There’s currently no word on what AEW plans to do with the AEW Tag Team Titles now that Sting is retired.

Stay tuned for updates.