daniel bryan

A few weeks ago Daniel Bryan hit AJ Styles with a low blow, and he won the WWE Championship. Ever since Bryan won the title, he’s been saying that the old Daniel Bryan is dead, and he’s been reinforcing his point by going full heel on the fans.

After this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live, The Miz challenged Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title in a dark match, and Bryan continued to taunt the crowd.

The WWE Champion grabbed a mic and pointed out a kid with a happy birthday sign then said, “It’s your birthday, congratulations you’re stupid.”

Bryan got some serious heat for his comments, and the fans battled back as they chanted “happy birthday” as loud as they could.

D-Bry then said that people wishing a stupid kid a happy birthday was more than he could take, so he was leaving “this hellhole” to return to Aberdeen, WA, which he referred to as “God’s country.”

It’s official the old Daniel Bryan really is dead.

Bryan is currently set to defend his WWE Title against AJ Styles at the TLC pay-per-view on Sunday, December 16.

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