enzo amore

Enzo Amore has made himself famous thank to his big mouth, and it seems that nothing is off limits according to Enzo. A few years ago Corey Graves was forced to retire from in-ring competition due to concussion related issues, and Enzo recently told Graves that he failed as a wrestler after Graves made a comment saying that he feels like he failed as a father because his son imitated Enzo Amore.

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Some fans felt that Enzo Amore went a little too far with his comment, even though Graves fired off the first shot in this war of words. One person who seems to think that Enzo went too far is Corey Graves’ brother Sam Adonis.

Sam recently took to Twitter and responded to Enzo while saying that it might be time for him to kick the current Cruiserweight Champion’s teeth down his throat.

The Club haven’t had much luck as of late, but they have their eyes on the Raw Tag Team Titles.

Karl Anderson recently posted a photo of his son holding one of the belts and he teased that they’ll be going after them soon.

As noted, it’s rumored that there will be a full Shield reunion taking place at the upcoming TLC pay-per-view, but as of right now their opponents are unknown. Perhaps The Club and another Superstar will team up to take on The Shield this year at the annual pay-per-view.