2020 has been a wild year for not only the world of professional wrestling, but the world beyond wrestling as well. People all over the world have had to make changes to their daily lifestyle due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the stars of WWE are still taking to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Forgotten Sons member Jaxson Ryker came under fire on social media a few months ago after he posted a tweet praising President Trump amidst protests against racial injustice in America.

Ryker has also received backlash in the past for calling Black Lives Matter “garbage” and for posting anti-mask related tweets.

The citizens of the United States of America have been focused on the Presidential election for days now, and although it’s not known if the election is the reason why he did it, Jaxson Ryker has deleted his Twitter account.

Following the response to his pro-Trump tweet earlier this year Jaxson Ryker and The Forgotten Sons disappeared from WWE programming. It’s been rumored that WWE creative has been told to start working on ideas for the group’s return, but it’s not known if Jaxson Ryker will be included.