The pro wrestling world is full of amazing minds putting on fantastic and imaginative matches as they continue to break barriers across the board. The indie wrestling circuit is thriving as exciting acts are putting forth outstanding efforts not only for those in attendance but for many more watching from home thanks to advancements in technology.

The pro wrestling business’ boom period might not be reaching Attitude Era numbers in every respect, but there are some great opportunities out there for people to apply their craft and for fans to enjoy some outstanding action.

Ring Of Honor is just one of the many important vestigates of superior indie wrestling out there but they are certainly an important piece of the puzzle.

Peter Rosenberg is becoming a pretty frequent face in WWE but he is a fan of pro wrestling in general. He recently commented on ROH’s importance but said they’re still part of the indies. Cody Rhodes responded by saying he’s worked both the indies and WWE and he gets paid an “absurd amount more” working for himself.

Although Rosenberg is a huge fan of pro wrestling he has sadly missed much of the action from the indie wrestling scene and he readily admits that fact. He then expressed some concern over War Machine as a name and told Cody he has missed out on his run so far in ROH.

Cody responded once again saying he’s had the time of his life in ROH and it has afforded him the chance to witness the groundwork of the sport. Then he came up with an amazing solution to the dilemma of what to call War Machine. Cody suggested WWE just call them “Handsome Todd & Rugged Ray” which of course, opened the door for comments.

Current NXT star and ROH alum Donavan Dijak suggested the name Handsome Johnny when Warbeard Hanson commented saying Ruggedly Handsome might just take off and he already has some entrance attire to fit the bill.