CM Punk made his big return to WWE at the Survivor Series premium live event back in November, and it immediately became clear that Seth Rollins wasn’t happy to see Punk. Videos of Rollins shouting at Punk as he returned quickly went viral and Rollins has since confronted CM Punk on Monday Night Raw.

During an appearance on the Jackie Redmond Show, CM Punk was asked why he thinks Seth Rollins hates him and Punk shared his take on why Seth has so much animosity toward him.

“Hmmm. Uhh, because I have been everywhere he has been and he hasn’t been everywhere I’ve been. We’re probably too similar, that’s honestly the biggest thing I can think of.”

“We’re very similar. The difference is, I can talk about my career, and not have to mention him. He cannot talk about his career without mentioning me.”

“I understand where he’s coming from, I understand. I think he’s always felt like he was the little brother. I’ve never tried to treat him that way, I’ve always tried to treat him like a peer, but some people you just can’t reach. He hates me. He hates me. Like Colorado Avalanche and Red Wings.”

Right now it seems that CM Punk and Seth Rollins are on a collision course as Punk is more determined than ever to win the Royal Rumble later this month.

Stay tuned for updates.

H/T Fightful