cm punk

For years CM Punk was at the top of the mountain in WWE, and he continuously told people that he was the “Best In The World.”

But CM Punk hasn’t wrestled since 2014, and now the “Best In The World” moniker is currently being used by Shane McMahon.

Punk recently appeared on Sauce & Shram and he was asked if he thinks Shane McMahon using the name is a shot at him, but he said that if it is the company would never admit it.

“I think he’s been calling himself the best in the world. And this is the funny thing about the company, is I could say, ‘Yea that’s a little shot at me,’ And you know, it probably is, but they’d deny it until the cows come home.”

When asked asked about Kofi Kingston’s big WWE Championship win at WrestleMania, CM Punk said he’s stoked it happened now, but it should have happened 10 years ago.

The former WWE Champion also shared his thoughts on the main event, and a clip from the interview can be seen below.

H/T Wrestling Inc.