Earlier today CM Punk posted an Instagram story claimign that he missed his flight and ended up in Bridgeport. Shawn Michaels then encouraged Punk to meet him face to face at NXT Deadline and that’s exactly what happened.

Punk and Michaels kicked off the show and HBK pointed out how Punk was wearing a Bret Hart shirt. CM Punk joked that he forgot his HBK merch, but it’s ok because Shawn and Bret made up. The former WWE Champion followed up by saying that he even made up with Triple H and everyone is healing now.

CM Punk said when he walks around backstage people tell him they grew up watching him and they ask for selfies. The Best in the World said he grew up watching Shawn Michaels, so he pulled out his phone and took a selfie with Michaels in the ring. He said the big question is whether he’s going to end up on Raw or SmackDown. The fans then chanted “NXT!” Punk teased that he could join NXT as the fans chanted his name.

Shawn Michaels and CM Punk then paused and Punk’s entrance music started playing. They both seemed slightly confused as the music played. Michaels and HBK then hugged in the ring as the show went into a promo package hyping up all the matches on the Deadline card.