Scott Hall is a WWE Hall of Famer and he’s inspired many of the wrestlers that fans enjoy watching today. Hall recently spoke to The Whig and he talked about his goals in wrestling and he says that he wants to work with the younger talent in NXT.

“My goal is to work at NXT and work with the young talent. I’ve always enjoyed working with the young guys and I think that’s where I’ll be most gifted and be of the most value. But I figure the best thing for me to do is just to continue to keep my sh8t* together and go places and let people see me with my sh*t together. When my head is clear, my phone rings and opportunities are presented to me all the time. So I’m just keeping my shit together and letting people know it. I’ll wait and see what comes from there. I’m not going to flat out ask for a job at this point. I’m kind of hoping it gets offered to me down the road. But I figure the best thing I can do is put myself in a good situation by keeping it together.”

As noted, earlier today Ticketmaster changed the listing for WWE Night of Champions to Clash of the Champions on their website. The picture for the event still shows the logo for Night of Champions, but the listing now reads Clash of the Champions.

WWE has also updated the listing on and it now shows that Clash of the Champions will be taking place on Sunday, September 25th.

According to a revised WWE schedule that recently leaked, Clash of the Champions isn’t the only show that’s returning. WWE has plans to bring back Backlash and No Mercy as well. You can check out the full WWE pay-per-view schedule here.