Christopher Daniels recently spoke with Jeffrey Harris of about his deal with ROH and more. During the interview Daniels talked about possibly working with NXT.

He said that the timing for him to work with NXT was always off and that he’s not sure they would be interested in him now due to his age. Daniels goes more in depth about his deal with ROH and more in the interview, which you can read here. And you can also read a quote below.

“I think the timing was just bad for me to do NXT. At this point, I think they would just look at me too old to join, to start for NXT. And while I think I could go and do well, I think on paper to them, it’s probably just too big of a risk, which is fine. If things had been different — if their attitude towards independent wrestlers was the way it is now, if it was that way five years ago when I left TNA or six years ago, it might’ve been a different conversation. But again, I feel like the time where NXT might’ve been most interested in me as a character and as a performer was a time where I was under contract with TNA. The timing was just never right for me to do NXT or WWE, and that’s just the way it is. If I sit and dwell on that, it’s sort of an exercise in futility. I’d rather focus on the fact that Ring of Honor and I have had a good relationship now for two years and going on strong. Being under contract with them is a very good place for me to be.”