chris jericho

WWE is constantly bringing in new wrestlers and calling them up to the main roster, but the company is often criticized for relying too heavily on names from the past.

It seems that WWE has been having trouble building up new stars for years now, and Chris Jericho feels that Vince McMahon has no one else to blame but himself.

Jericho recently appeared on Busted Open Radio, and he talked about how AEW has been putting effort into building up names like Jungle Boy and Darby Allin, and he compared AEW’s approach to how WWE does things.

“When Vince goes to the investors (during the conference call) and says ‘the Raw ratings are down because we haven’t created any new stars, that’s completely on you guys!” Jericho stated. “We (AEW) knew from the start we had to make stars. A lot of the guys on our show, Bucks and Kenny included, Hangman Page; I said it on the Broken Skull Sessions, they weren’t known on a national level. On a national network television level. We’ve built them up, and then suddenly all these kind of the second wave of guys and girls are getting in there.

“And now AEW is dangerous because we have twelve people that you can put in the main event at any point in time. Next month it’ll be fourteen people you can do that. And to me that’s just smart booking. It’s what any professional sports team does. If you’re talking about the Rangers, you’re talking about the Knicks, you’re talking about the Giants, you want to build next year’s All Star team starting now. And that’s what we did. It’s really working. When you see those ratings coming through, I do take great pride in it. Because I feel, once again, because I was with AEW when it started and I was kind of the first face of the company. When there’s more faces now, that just shows we’re doing things right.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.