Photo: WWE

Cesaro was asked by The Green Bay Press Gazette about when fans realized that he could be a “prime time player” in the WWE.

Cesaro responded, “Oh, I would never want to be a prime time player (laughs). I take this very seriously because it’s given me a lot of opportunities and I’ve realized all my dreams, so I think when you see me, you see that I’m having fun and you see that I’m doing this very well and that I’m very skilled at it. Because of that, I would like to think that the fans saw pretty quickly that I’m not somebody to be taken lightly. And I know all my opponents that I’ve been in the ring with immediately realized that as well. I think that’s the passion I have for this.”

Cesaro was then asked about winning the United State Championship in WWE.

“It felt great because, like you said, it was a very long road to get there and I was able to win the United States championship fairly soon after my debut. If you look at the United States championship history, there are many legends that held the title, and to me it’s a very special title because it’s kind of like a TV title because it’s defended a lot and I was able to have a lot of memorable matches over the 200 days that I held it.”