Carmella and Big Cass were once seen as one of the cutest couples in WWE since they first came together when they were paired with Enzo Amore down in NXT.

Over the past few years, the duo has hit a number of obstacles including the fact that they haven’t worked on the same show in almost two years. Big Cass was promoted to Raw back in 2016 without Carmella, before The Princess of Staten Island was then drafted to SmackDown Live a few months later and it seems that the couple has been trying to make their relationship work around their schedules.

Last month it was revealed that Carmella had removed all traces of Big Cass from her social media accounts, which first sparked rumors that the couple’s relationship was on the rocks.

On this weeks episode of Total Divas, Carmella was able to open up about the reasons behind her split with Cass when she spoke to fellow WWE Superstar Natalya and revealed that the couple had been having some problems for a while.

Even though they had recently bought a house together, it seems that this was one of the reasons for their problems, since it came with a lot of pressure. Another issue that Carmella admitted was that she didn’t believe that Cass had any intentions of marrying her, as well as the fact that his recent knee injury and his inability to work was a source of negativity that impacted their relationship.

It seems that the couple tried to fight past it for a long time but it came to a head last month and they decided to go their separate ways. One positive to come out of this is that Miss Money In The Bank will now be able to focus on her wrestling career and making history next Sunday night at The Royal Rumble.