alberto del rio

The past few years have been pretty weird for former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, now known as Alberto El Patron. Alberto’s relationship with Paige was the source of a lot of drama for both people involved, and throughout the course of it Alberto talked a lot of trash about WWE, and he specifically targeted Triple H.

At one point Alberto El Patron even challenged Triple H to a fight at his restaurant, but it appears that the beef has been squashed.

El Patron recently spoke to Media Tempio, and according to the former WWE star, he apologized to Triple H.

“I apologized to Triple H for the issues we were in when I was with the relationship with my ex-partner. She and her entire family made me believe that those who affected our relationship were them , specifically him. She made me believe that the videos (compromising of the fighter) and all that was outside was by Triple H and the company.”

Alberto has also changed changed his tune in regards to a WWE return, as he’s now saying that he’s sure he’ll work with the company again someday.

“Of course I would go back , I would not go back, but I would make a special appearance before I put on my wrestling boots and it will surely happen, surely before I retire I will do something special with them.”