becky lynch

WWE Hall of Famer Edge made his return to the blue brand for SmackDown 1000 on Tuesday night, and he tried to help Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair work out their issues on The Cutting Edge.

The fans have been fully behind Becky Lynch even though WWE has been trying to push her as a heel, and Bully Ray talked about the positive reaction she received on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio.

“Did you hear anybody booing her on the line about the neck?,” Bully asked via Wrestling Inc. “You put her in the ring with a guy the WWE Universe loves and respects and appreciates. He’s an uber babyface and there was nothing that he could have said or did that would have changed people’s opinions.”

Bully went on to say that there doesn’t seem to be anything WWE can do to make fans boo Becky right now, because her character is working.

“[The fans] know that WWE is going to come at them from all angles to try and get you on the boo train when it comes to Becky. That’s not gonna happen. They want her to be the girl. And she looks great playing the part of that snarky champion. She’s hitting some great lines. She looks good with the belt.”