When someone says they’re giving up the life of a pro wrestler it’s a lot to ask especially if you’re someone like Bully Ray. The former Dudley Boy has spent a majority of his life in the squared circle and loves the business as well as the fans.

It was a heartbreaking display to see Bully Ray allude to his retirement in Chicago at the ROH Global Wars show, but as it turns out you can never say never in pro wrestling and that certainly includes Bully Ray’s retirement.

It might have all been a huge work in the end as some suspected it would be because Bully Ray has been announced to participate in ROH’s Final Battle in December. He will tag with Tommy Dreamer against The Briscoes. It was a table shot to the head courtesy of the Briscoes that put Bully Ray on the shelf in the first place leading many to believe this was all a story building toward retribution.

It’s great to see Bully Ray is still going to be able to compete in the ring, but at the same time for them to play with the fans emotions is somewhat of a controversial subject matter.

Of course, this is pro wrestling so playing with the fans’ idea of what’s real and what’s part of the show is a constant uphill battle, therefore, these kinds of angles are par for the course. Pro wrestling is fun like that.

Final Battle looks like it will see the in-ring return of Bully Ray after he made us all worry he was done for good. It’s great that he’s still able to wrestle. Then again, his doctors might have really told him he shouldn’t be performing but you can’t tell a guy like Bully Ray he’s done until he says it’s really over.