bryan danielson

Bryan Danielson has been one of the top stars in professional wrestling for years now, and there’s no denying that the “Yes!” chants helped put the former WWE Champion on the map. People all around the world got in on the “Yes!” chants, but Bryan has abandoned the chant after parting ways with WWE, and he hasn’t been using any sort of catchphrase since joining AEW.

During a media scrum for Starrcast V, Bryan Danielson was asked by Bill Pritchard of WrestleZone if he would be interested in using another catchphrase, and he explained why he’s been avoiding it.

“So it’s interesting, one of the things that I’ve tried to avoid is doing any sort of catchphrase. The reason why is, it came to become a crutch, and when people expect something of you, and you need to give that to them, that almost feels like it pins me down more than it helps me.

One of the people I really respect from an artist’s perspective is Bob Dylan. So if you go to like an Aerosmith concert, you’re gonna want to see the hits, right. When you buy a ticket to a Bob Dylan concert, you might want him to play certain songs, but you know going in, he’s gonna play whatever the f**k he wants, and that’s kind of what I want my wrestling career to be now. I want people, ‘Ah maybe I hope that he does this,’ but they’re gonna be happy with kind of whatever, just me being creative and doing what I love to do.”

Bryan Danielson recently returned to the ring at AEW Fight For The Fallen on 7/27 where he was defeated by Daniel Garcia. Stay tuned for more updates on Bryan as they become available.

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