In a recent episode of Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard, Bruce discussed the nWo’s journey to the WWE in detail. The nWo made their debut during the No Way Out pay-per-view, and Bruce says that the fact that No Way Out had the same initials as the famous stable was a total coincidence.

Bruce says Vince wasn’t really sold on whether or not it was the best idea to bring the nWo in so he took a poll during a production meeting by a show of hands on whether or not he should bring them back. The nWo ended up losing that initial poll. Bruce says that the results of the poll were made known to Kevin Nash via Triple H and low-and-behold, Vince ended up changing his mind on the matter.

Bruce says that the allure of getting Hogan back “home” was the biggest drawing factor of the entire package. He says he remembers a general “what the f—“ among the boys backstage when the news broke that they were bringing the nWo in, but in the end they accepted it.

Condrad reads Dave Meltzer’s accounts of the nWo showing up at Titan Towers to film their initial vignettes while looking very old and giving WWE all the more reason to change the promos to black and white in order to hide their grey hair. Bruce explains that he didn’t see any of the members of the nWo, therefore he cannot comment on how old they looked when they made those initial vignettes.

Bruce won’t go into any specifics as to how much Nash, Hall, and Hogan were being paid, but Conrad says reports are that Nash and Hall were getting 700,000 a year where Hogan was getting north of a million.

Bruce says that he produced the famous segment where Vince McMahon said that he was going to inject the WWE with a “lethal dose of poison” then he swiveled his chair around to reveal that he had nWo painted on the back of the chair. He says that they had to create an elevated desk to get the angle on the mirror that they wanted, and wrote nWo backwards (so it showed up correctly when mirrored) on the back of Vince’s chair.