the broken hardys

To some it’s been a long time coming, and others are nervous about what it will mean for their amazing characters, but The Broken Hardys appear to be officially talking to WWE. Or, it very well might be the other way around. Regardless of who reached out first, there is still momentum toward a Hardy WWE return.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports they have sources with direct knowledge of the situation which have confirmed that WWE officially started talking to Broken Matt and Brother Nero as soon as the announcement was made that their Impact Wrestling contracts had expired.

WWE will usually send feelers out before a big name they’re interested in is actually available, but they won’t explicitly invite them to discuss coming in to the company for legal reasons because they don’t want to get caught up in “tampering” allegations. Bruce Prichard has explained many times how he did this while in talent relations at WWE, and this new report seems to be on-par with that strategy.

So, with this new report it certainly looks like there is actual talk of coming back which might include payment negotiations, possible angles, and everything else that comes with a professional wrestling contract. The new report notes no new deal has been offered at this time, but right now it is looking as though Matt and Jeff Hardy will return home with or without the Broken Hardys gimmick.


  1. Kinda hoping the broken gimmick comes with them. Would be good to see what they could do with it in the wwe aslong as they are allowed complete control over it. Creative has a history of ruining things like this!