john cena

The world fell in love John Cena and Nikki Bella’s relationship as they transcended the pro wrestling world and went straight to daytime television. Their appearances on the Today Show and Ellen as a couple is just scratching the surface. The fact is more people knew John Cena and Nikki Bella were engaged than actually watch pro wrestling.

Those two were like modern-day Macho Man and Elizabeth in many ways except in today’s culture where information spreads so fast and we can feel so close to celebrities via social media people might actually feel closer to John and Nikki than they did the legendary WWE couple.

There was a report earlier where a source close to the situation said that Brie Bella was furious about John Cena breaking up with her sister Nikki. It went as far to say that she wanted to kill Super Cena and was very upset.

But it didn’t take long for Brie Bella to notice this and she had her own way to discredit this report. Via an Instagram story, the youngest Bella Twin posted a screenshot of an article with the quote about her wanting to kill Cena. She circled the quote and wrote “false!!” which sends a pretty clear message.

At the bottom of the image, she also typed out a couple little sections of text as well. She said that she still loved John Cena like a brother and also said that her heart is hurting for her sister and Cena during this time.

So according to Brie Bella, John Cena will always be family.