Last week Sting made his official AEW debut on the Winter Is Coming edition of Dynamite, and he’s set to speak tonight on this week’s episode.

It was recently reported that there are plans for Sting to return to the ring in AEW, and Chris Jericho also recently teased a potential match with Sting on social media.

Booker T recently talked about a potential match for Sting’s return on his Hall of Fame podcast, and he explained why he thinks Chris Jericho would be the right opponent for the former WCW World Champion.

“He can still do a little something in the ring. How much, it wouldn’t matter, with a guy like Jericho. I think they can go out there-with smoke-and-mirrors, and tell a story. With no disrespect to anyone, I think there is enough knowledge in their head to do smoke-and-mirrors, unlike the young guys that go out there and do it. [Chris Jericho is] the perfect person who is going to dance with him properly, make sure he walks out of that ring, more importantly than anything else.”

Last week on Dynamite, Sting confronted Darby Allin, Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson. Booker T also named Darby Allin as a potential opponent for Sting in AEW.

“Now if I’m working Darby Allin and I’m Sting, I need the coffin drop. I need all the big spots you can pull out of your hat,” Booker T explained, “[I need the] coffin drop off the top off the [titan] tron. That way I can move at the last minute. You go for that big spot, and Stinger will catch ya, and hit ya with that Stinger drop. ‘Make sure you land in the right spot, kid’. I need to have that Darby Allin, that Sting touching the young blood. It’s all about passing the torch.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc.