Conor McGregor recently made history at UFC 205, and coming out of the event there’s been a lot of talk about McGregor possibly working with WWE in some capacity. Conor McGregor took quite a few shots at WWE’s roster earlier this year, and the wrestling world did not react well.

Alfred Konuwa of Forbes recently spoke to NXT star Bobby Roode about Conor McGregor possibly joining WWE, and if he thinks McGregor would be welcome in the locker room. You can see what he had to say below.

“I don’t follow the UFC as closely as some of my peers do. Obviously Conor McGregor is a super talented guy, he is the best at what he does, he’s a huge personality. Huge personalities are always welcomed in the WWE, so who knows? I don’t know what kind of guy he is outside of the cage, I don’t know if this is just an act or if this is really just his personality. There are a lot of guys in the WWE locker room that can only put up with so much. It would be an interesting time. Like I said, he’s a huge star now, he’s got a huge name, he’s being covered on all the major networks, everybody’s talking about him, every newspaper. He’s very recognizable and obviously WWE would love to have him.”

At Survivor Series on Sunday, Team Raw will face off against Team SmackDown, and Bobby Roode was also asked which team he thinks will be picking up the big win. When asked to choose between Raw and SmackDown, Roode gave SmackDown the edge.

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“That’s a tough choice because there’s so much talent there, but when you have a guy like AJ Styles—a guy who I’ve been in the ring with numerous times, a guy who I know on a personal level—I know what he’s capable of. I think I might give the SmackDown side a little bit of an edge.”

Bobby Roode also talks about the origin of his “Glorious” theme song and more in the full interview which can be read here.

You can catch Bobby Roode in action when he faces off off against Tye Dillinger at NXT TakeOver: Toronto, which is set to air live on the WWE Network.