Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar has been a dream match for some time now, and when Lashley returned to WWE a few years ago fans assumed that it was only a matter of time before they faced off inside the squared circle. However, Lashley and Lesnar have yet to clash in the ring, and fans can’t help but wonder why.

Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley discussed a possible match with Brock Lesnar during an interview with Josh Martinez, and he said that people around Brock Lesnar don’t want the match to happen.

“Because the people around him don’t want to make it happen. I’m always prepared. I am in my final run, I have a few years left, but I am open for anything. I train, I’m always in shape, I’m always ready to go. So, it’s never something where you have to call me up and you have to wait months and weeks, I am ready to go right now.”

Lashley has achieved major success since joining up with MVP, and the All Mighty went on to praise his manager for everything that he’s done for the members of The Hurt Business.

“I came up with something before that I actually wanted to do myself, but after talking with MVP and him coming back, I was, like, ‘man, you know what? This might be something better for you. I still have a lot more in the tank, so let’s start running together.’ MVP is one of those guys where, one of my favorite quotes, ‘sometimes you have to believe in someone else’s belief in you.’ I think that is the biggest thing that MVP brought to the table with The Hurt Business. Because, not only myself but Shelton and Cedric, he really brought out their full potential. He got those guys the Tag Titles and he got me a World Title. It’s cool to make money and work with your friends, that’s what we are able to do.”

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