becky lynch

Charlotte Flair has been making headlines recently following her heated exchange with Becky Lynch, and it’s been reported that some people see her as hard to work with. During a recent interview Charlotte addressed the reports and she questioned whether or not she would be perceived the same way if she were a man.

“It obviously does rub people the wrong way,” Charlotte said. “But if I was a man would it rub people the wrong way? No one ever looks at a man and goes, ‘why does he want to be World Champion again? Well, he’s been on top all these years.’ Is it because I’m a woman? Is it because I’ve done it all? Because we have a smaller division? Why? ‘Charlotte’s difficult.’ Why? Because I stand up for what I believe in, that makes me difficult? But if I was a man, I’d have big balls, right? No. I know how good I am, man or woman, I am the best.”

Becky Lynch herself decided to comment on the interview, and she responded to a clip by saying no one else on the roster acts the way Charlotte does when she posted the following:

“No one on our roster acts like this, man or woman. Gender ain’t the issue here.”

It’s been reported that Becky and Charlotte have a strained relationship, Big Time Becks recently confirmed during an interview that they don’t talk anymore.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair will face off in a non-title match at the Survivor Series pay-per-view on Sunday, November 21. Stay tuned for updates.