becky lynch

Becky Lynch is a pretty big deal in WWE. She’s the first ever SmackDown Women’s Champion, and she’s one of the top stars in the blue brand’s women’s division.

Right now it seems that quite a few talents from the WWE roster are trying to expand their outreach by appearing on Total Divas, but Becky Lynch recently spoke to Bleacher Report and explained why that’s not something she’s interested in.

“It’s not something I ever wanted for myself,” Lynch said. “It’s a great opportunity for the women. But I never envisioned myself in that role. And there’s a certain mystique about myself that I’d like to keep. I don’t want to give out too much of Rebecca Quinn.”

Becky Lynch also opened up about her recent intergender match with James Ellsworth on SmackDown Live, and she noted that she had high hopes that people would embrace the storyline as opposed to the political aspect of two different genders fighting in the ring.

“With that match, my whole hope was that people didn’t get up in arms about a guy touching a woman,” Lynch said. “And that it just became about the storyline as opposed to ‘Oh no! What’s going on in the world?’ It was more about entertainment than making any political or social statement.”

Becky Lynch will be the captain of Team SmackDown Sunday night at Survivor Series, and she’s looking to lead Naomi, Carmella, Tamina and one more competitor who has yet to be announced to victory.