The most controversial story in the world of professional wrestling right now is the suspension of Titus O’Neil. Monday night after Daniel Bryan’s retirement celebration on Raw, Titus grabbed Vince McMahon and Vince pushed him away. It was playful and all in good fun, but WWE has decided to make an example out of Titus O’Neil by suspending him for 90 days for unprofessional conduct.

Batista has always been supportive of his friend Titus O’Neil as Batista is actually the one that helped Titus land a WWE contract. Batista was asked on Twitter if he would contact WWE and do something about the suspension. Batista said that he did something better instead. He called Titus O’Neil and told him to ask for his release.

Batista has been critical in the past of the WWE creative team and their lack of direction for Titus O’Neil specifically. He posted the following on Twitter back in May of 2015.

“WWE: “@TitusONeilWWE you’re everything a WWE star should be! Get out there and represent our company!! ” Titus: “Then why don’t you give me a push?’ WWE: “Sorry there’s nothing for you creatively” #sameoldbullshit”

For anyone that hasn’t seen what went down between Vince McMahon and Titus O’Neil, you can check out a quick clip below.

Do you think Titus O’Neil should take Batista’s advice? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Get him in the movies. He will make 100x more and his body won’t be f*cked up so bad he has to retire in his 30s *cough Daniel Bryan cough*

  2. Yup he should leave if it was cena or any other one of the companies top dogs playing with vince trying to have fun it wouldn’t be a problem

  3. He might as well. They’ve obviously got nothing to do with him and if they’re gonna suspend him for that, then it’s probably just a matter of time until they fire him for something equally as stupid. I won’t be shocked if this 90 day suspension turns into a permanent one.

  4. Fucken A this is bullshit he was playing around why did Vince take it so serious was he paranoid that night or not expecting it???? I don’t know but I do know that they should have not suspended him and that he should be given more chances at titles like the tag titles prime time players fucken A