baron corbin

Baron Corbin recently appeared on the Bob and Tom Show where he discussed his tattoos, cursing on WWE television, and why he is so scared of his fiance and the troubles he had while on the high school wrestling team; specifically getting kicked off his high school wrestling team.

When Corbin was asked whether he wrestled in high school he replied, “I wrestled for a little bit and I was removed from the team. So that didn’t go so well so I switched over to play some golf aside from football and started boxing.”

When the host said that he didn’t expect to hear Baron say that he played golf, The Lone Wolf replied: “You know Pat and I got to play a lot of golf when I was here (Indianapolis) as a rookie. We got to play a few courses for free so, you can’t pass that up.”

The subject was eventually turned back to Corbin’s time on his high school wrestling team when he was asked if there are any good stories about getting kicked off the team. Corbin leaves it at this: “When you argue with your coach, and it almost gets physical it’s not good for you in the sense of your high school wrestling career. [mimicking a younger version of himself] ‘What’d you say?'” The host laughed as Baron concluded the subject saying, “I learned steel chair real quick, so you know.”

If you want to watch the whole interview we’ve provided the link below. it’s pretty entertaining and it’s nice to see Baron Corbin being so personable.

The House of Hardcore is at it again and they have announced three new dates which include a literal who’s who in independent professional wrestling.

Some of the names included in these events are Sami Callihan, The Broken Hardys, Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer, Bull James, Matt Riddle, and Pentagon Jr. just to name a few.

The event on the 21st is set to feature Tommy Dreamer vs. Matt Hardy in a New Jersey Delete Street Fight, Brian Cage vs. MVP, and Sami Callihan squaring off against Bully Ray for the first time ever.

The event on the 22nd in Philadelphia in the old ECW Arena is set to feature Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray taking on the Broken Hardys and Pentagon Jr. versus Sami Callihan among others.

They have also announced that the House of Hardcore show on May 19th in St James, New York will feature Tommy Dreamer vs. Cody Rhodes.

They are also planning to tour internationally later this year as well. It’s certainly looking to be a big year for HOH. For more information, you can click here.