triple h

Over the last few years Triple H has spent most of his time working behind the scenes in WWE, but in recent months The Game has been focusing on his health issues following the cardiac event he suffered in 2021.

It was recently reported that backstage morale was down following the Royal Rumble due to all of the changes that were made the Royal Rumble matches leading up to the show, and it’s also being said that there were two major differences this year.

PWInsider reports several people pointed to the fact that for the first time in many years Triple H was not present or involved. In the past Triple H would work as an advisor often making changes so that certain talents had moments or highlights during the Royal Rumble matches after the grand scheme had been locked in. It’s being said that Triple H’s absence was “absolutely felt” at the Royal Rumble on Saturday.

It’s also being reported that Tyson Kidd was not at the Royal Rumble and not involved with putting the Royal Rumble matches together. Tyson Kidd usually takes a massive leading role when it comes to producing the women’s division, and he would have been involved with putting together the Royal Rumble match. It’s also being said that Kidd has not been around in recent weeks is still with the company.