ultimate deletion

After weeks of hype and anticipation, The Ultimate Deletion finally aired on Monday Night Raw this week. Ultimate Deletion style matches certainly aren’t for everybody, but it seems that the response to the match on social media was mostly positive.

Nick Hausman of WrestleZone reports that there was concern over the match backstage, and Vince McMahon expected The Ultimate Deletion to bomb on Raw.

However, due to the the fact that The Ultimate Deletion received a huge response on social media, and was the number one trend in the world for over two hours, the match is being considered a success.

The match also managed to keep viewership above 3 million for the third hour of Raw, which is something the show has only been able to do on 3 other occasions so far in 2018.

It was also reportedly a struggle to get The Ultimate Deletion on WWE programming, but now that it has aired and received a positive response on social media, it could potentially be a foot in the door for Matt Hardy to produce similar content in the future.

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